13-year-old girl flees home with lover

The Lagos State Police command has declared a 13-year-old teenage girl, Chikwuo Ezennia missing.
Primary 4 student, from Anambra state came to spend her holiday with relatives in Lagos.
Reports gathered showed that she fled the home of her relatives on Ishola Bello Close, Iyalla Street, Alausa, Lagos, in the afternoon of Thursday, November 20, when the family had gone out, with a man suspected to be her lover.
When Ezennia’s aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs Ambrose
Okolo, returned home from work at about 6pm, and
couldn’t find the girl, Mrs Okolo searched their
neighborhood and was told by neighbours that she was
seen walking away with a man in the afternoon.
Ezennia is said to have told the neighbours that her
aunt maltreated her and had traveled for a week, so
she was going to stay with her friend until her aunt
It was then the family reported the case to the Alausa
Police Division.
The police on their part questioned all the neighbours
who had seen her the previous day.
When reporters visited
the Okolo’s, Mrs Okolo, a
chartered accountant
said, “Ezennia is just 13,
but she looks big enough
to be called a man’s
wife. If you see her, you
will think she is a lady.
She just came from the
village to spend some
time with us and she is
supposed to go back this
December. But since that Thursday, we have yet to find
“The reason I suspect she may be with a lover is
because of some recent developments. Just a week
before that incident, I travelled to Benue for a
programme, and she was alone with my children in the
“There is a phone that my children use which contains
only my number and my husband’s.
“But when she fled home and we started the search, I
picked up the phone and to my surprise, I saw a string
of strange numbers.
“The children said Ezennia used the phone when I
“I wondered who she might have been calling since she
is new in Lagos.”
Efforts made to get her photograph was unsuccessful as
she hadn’t taken any photograph since she arrived
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP
Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident.
He declared Ezinna missing adding that “If she’s seen,
the public should contact Alausa Police Station.”

ogungbe lanre’s diary.


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