The roles of Nigeria students in building a new Nigeria

Education as we ought to know, is a matter of life and death for any nation that wants a better tomorrow. The leaders of any nation must know that it needs to be taken with great determination, effort and honesty. It should be focused with an aim to make nation successful. Hence, students’ involvement in developing the country is huge. Students of any nation play a leading role in nation building if they are given proper guidance at the appropriate time.
As an independent country, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, with a population of over 148 million in 2007(World Bank 2008). Despite a declining fertility rate, the United Nations (UN) projects that the population will increase to 210 million individuals in 2025, and 289 million in 2050. The bulk of these increases will be in the working-age population. The dependency ratio is expected to fall from 0.90 dependents per worker in 2005 to 0.50 in 2050 as the median age rises from 17.2 to 28 (UN Population Division 2006). According to this fact, by 2025, Nigeria will have to depend more on the adult than any other class of age. This so-called adult are the students of today.
Every positive Nigerian will be expecting the nation to have attained the “new Nigeria” by the year 2025. The new Nigeria, is a geographical location named Nigeria where her leaders prefer integrity to immunity, where her citizens are not denied the freedom to entities of a better living, where her student can compete favorably with other students across the globe, where her graduate is employable against the current popular slogan that Nigeria graduates are not employable. This new Nigeria is a place where both lives and properties are save for both citizens and visitors, where both the rich and the poor both pay tax to develop the country, where the acronym “Nigeria cannot be better again will be a forgotten sentence”, a place where things work, where the economy is not only growing but as well developing a new land where all is fair and just a new greener pasture for the world to behold and invest thereof. This description of a new Nigeria needs some important factors before it can be achieved. And a leading factor among others are the nation’s students.
According to research, majority of Nigerian Students in the institutions of higher learning are young men and women and constitute a rather privileged group in the Society. These students largely belong to the age group of 17 to 25, usually single. They are, in most instances, dependent. However, there is a sharp contrast between this younger group and older students who belong to the age group of 25 years and above, in their attitudes and behaviors. The older or mature students are mostly married with children and other dependents. Nigerian students continued to flow on all aspects of the Nigerian economy and politics in various sectional perspectives and to witness a change in this sectors, these set of students that get in yearly must know there duties in creating positive changes which are important bricks in building a better land. Because, changing the nation is a collective responsibilities.
Truly, Nigerian students have always expressed genuine concern about the past, present and future of Nigeria on a variety of issues. They have also expressed frustrations on the past and present Nigerian situations, particularly the state craft of the Nigerian leaders in handling the state of the nation, especially the management of the economy, election procedure and the entire democratization processes. But they have not for many times discuss on their role in either changing the present or the future. This is an act that every prospect leader must begin to consider and strive to achieve because, the role of students is very crucial in this horrendous struggle to create a new nation.
It is very crucial to also note that the vibrancy and dynamism of the Nigeria students have considerably waned and infiltrated due to a number of factors. Such as; the repressive nature of the military sequel to constant intimidation and blackmail of the students by the junta, government secret agents, coupled with serious corrupt inducements offered to some students and some leaders. Another main problem with the country’s students is that they do not have enough incentive and definiteness of purpose. All these has had devastating impacts on students’ activism and willingness to take up roles in changing the nation. To tackle this, present teachers and policy makers must take into cognizance the kind of education we impact to our young generation and what use they make of it.
Generally, education is meant to produce respectable members of a society that are sound academically and morally. This, the Nigerian educational system is trying to achieve with the Nigerian students. But since the educational system depends on various variable such as; structures, nature and orientation of the economic system fuelled by the attitude and peculiar character of the Nigerian society, it is imperative and logical to examine Nigerian students within these perspectives.
The country’s students comprises of men and women who are mentally alert, physically sound, morally and spiritually awake. This set of people cannot be neglected in building a successful Nigeria. Due to unknown reasons, our leaders tends to forget or rather undermine the magnitude students can affect the nation’s economy. History has it that the economy of come developed countries has changed because some students invented new things or changed something. A good example is Mark Zuckerberg of the popular Facebook. His little contribution has helped the economy of this nation. Hence, Nigerian students don’t always receive enough encouragements from the nation’s leaders in terms of grants, scholarships, conducive learning environments among others.
Arguably, no country can be successful without ensuring that her citizens especially the youths are educated because the educated students and youth will act as pillars making critical decisions for this great country in years to come.
As part of effort to ensure that this country attain it desired height, student must be enlightened that they need to work for social and national progress. There is a need to know from classrooms that the dream to change virtually all sectors in the country starts from them as they will afterwards be the future doctors, engineers, educationist, teaches, managers, politicians, technicians, lawyer, judges etcetera that will find solutions to the problems of both past and future years to come. They need to know that working in different public offices is an opportunity to change the common corrupt practices. It is also essential for Nigerian students to also know that been educated it not enough to transform the nation, but allowing education to change their thoughts and actions and as a result, they will be responsible for the development and progress every sector.
Truth be told, Nigerian students are enthusiastic and worried for their tomorrow. This same passion is enough if rightfully placed to change the current state of the nation.
It is high time every person concerned knows that a student becomes a good citizen, a good citizen makes a better society. A good student grows up to be a good citizen and such good citizens can from a society with is graft-less, politically balanced, economically standard and stands on moral grounds. The student are the prospective heirs of nation. So they should be well equipped with sound moral, political and economic views. They are pillars on which beautiful edifices of the new Nigeria will be built. Our future prosperity and welfare depends upon this country’s student, the sooner they are aware of this fact, the best bet to achieve a new Nigeria is quickly.
As ways to ensure that positive spirit are nurtured within students while still in school, they must be encouraged to participate in community services, to start up NGOs to change a menace in the society, or to invent new things. In one word, students should be encouraged more in practical implementation of what they learn than reading for examinations.
Last words are that government should determinately and honestly focus in making their youth educated so that they can build better country for upcoming generations.


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