Executing Community Based Projects…

If all we can do in this world, is doing all we can do, then the world would have being better. I will take you through a quick way (from my experiences) of executing impactful community based projects.

  • You must be ready!!!

Really, it takes a level of motivation to begin to think executing a community project is the next thing. It comes with couple of challenges, and if you are not ready for all those, you will end up droping the project and not impacting one live.

  • You must have a team!!!

Either we like to negate the idea that human resource is the most important thing in life and not other kinds of resources, it is important you have that mentality when developing your project plan. You must have a team that understands you vision and mission, that can continue the project even when you are not around. In developing and making sure all team members are functional and capable, you must have sub-teams such as;

  1. Fund-raising Unit (In charge of raising funds for the project)
  2. Community engagement Unit.( Meeting the target audience and ensure a smooth relationship between both parties)
  3. Publicity Unit.(Giving the project the widest publicity as possible. Let people know what you do and how you do them)
  4. Sustainability Unit.( Develop and ensure that the project is sustainable after the execution)

You can have as much unit as you want, but these four are important to ensure a smooth running of the project plans.

  • You must have a well detailed Timeline

Without, when, who and by whom on paper or on a  device, it’s possible you keep doing project without any focus and aim which will eventually frustrate you. Design a good time line stating all your activities and when it must be carried out.

  • A good Team spirit must be in place.

As the project manager or member, you must ensure that a good relationship is maintained throughout the planning stage and execution of the project. You must also have a very strong relationship with the target audience also. If not, no matter how great you project idea is, it will be discarded.

For More information/mentorship email me:Ogungbelanre0@gmail.com


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