Are we all now in the opposition parties not to embrace a simple reasoning.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Shehu said the government  admitted that the budget may contain some imperfection and that the government is open to corrections from Nigerian.

“We are not by any stretch of imagination suggesting that the draft budget is beyond comments or reproach. Nor do we wish to dwell on this simply to make a point.

“To do that will drive away good citizens from pointing out needed corrections and, ultimately defeating the change mantra of the administration,” he said.

“The budget is a Nigerian budget and citizens reserve the right to examine its content and provide their own perspectives.

“As the draft goes through the approval process, this and many other aspects will continue to generate interest, criticism, commendation and sometimes condemnation in discussions in the parliament, the media and the court of public opinion. We believe that the process of “change” will be affected by, and stands to gain from these debates especially where there is good faith on all sides.

“Government has no reason whatsoever to mislead the citizens on the budget and on all other matters for whatever reason,” he added.

So, instead of us to channel our zeal to change and transform Nigeria, we are all criticizing and condemning the president. For the first time every Nigerian has an authentic budget to review.

Can’t we just appreciate this government and inform them of areas that needs improvement.

Before I end this, I came across this tweet  by

“I dont know why Nigerians are so upset with the .In , We dont even have budgets. We just take from treasury.”

Is that the best?


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