The man called “Oliseh”

Femi Bamigboye “The Local Man” made a statement in his “My Nigeria” edition by Aljazeera that soccer in Nigeria is like a religion and he hasn’t seen any religion that has much followers as soccer in Nigeria.

Oliseh, The pastor of our soccer religion had his own taste of the grape few days ago. He was bitter by the comments of my fellow Nigerians towards his performance in the last concluded CHAN16 and his 11 games run being the Super eagles coach. He was so eager to respond and made his record straight when he said “You must be insane to start seeking the plebiscite on the future of the national team’s coach of Nigeria because we lost CHAN” he described CHAN as “the least important tournament held by African football’ governing body (CAF)”.

Mr Sunday, I don’t know if you understand why every Nigerian has decided to call you “Coach” not “Head Coach” or “Manager” because every fan of soccer in Nigeria is a coach of the national team also. The only difference is that you are paid for being called one. Sir, I need you to understand that soccer is the major pillar of our unity in this country and if it is poorly managed or handled, it bounces back to the common Nigeria on the street.  Being a head coach is far more than setting tactics on the drawing board but also managing the fans and by statistics, Oliseh manages one of the largest fan base in the world.

I hope Nigerians will forgive a man after my heart and understand that we don’t have to crucify him over a mistakenly said word has he has said sorry. In his own words, “He said he is sorry, that he never wanted to attack the NFF or embarrass them, but rather he wanted the whole world to know they have not been given money”.


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