Ambode and Nigeria’s Economy

Akinwunmi The state of our economy now attracts different kinds of comments red what Gov. Ambode said:

“The issues at stake are more about a short term deficiency that we are experiencing in the economy. We don’t believe that the issue of foreign exchange will last forever and it is something that is solvable but then, it is a pointer to the fact that there has to be some kind of structural adjustment in this economy and everybody has to start to look inward.

The Lagos breweries of the Nigerian Breweries Plc is a hundred percent Nigerian outfit which is the kind of examples that we expect from businesses to ensure that we start to create a structure that allows Nigerians to own businesses by ourselves and do things that are made in Nigeria so that we can free up as much as possible the forex that we demand all the time and that is why we all are committed to supporting President Buhari in the things that he is doing, which we know that ultimately in the medium term, a lot of Nigerians will appreciate what is being done.”

We know that if we have a safer Lagos, it creates more opportunities for your investment to thrive and it also creates job opportunities for our people and within that context, we will be able to get more revenue as taxes and also improve upon infrastructure and allow the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Lagos to grow and so we have that commitment that we will improve on whatever it is that we are doing and ensure ease of doing business.”

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