Sunday Oliseh Resigns (The awaited)

I don’t know if this is a sad news, or a good one but Coach of Nigeria’s national team, Sunday Oliseh, has resigned as Chief Coach of the Super Eagles.

This were his own part of the debate:

He claims he was irked by the underground moves by the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) to sack him and the constant violations of his contractual agreement. He added that Pinnick (NFF Chairman) tried to hire Frenchman, Herve Renard soon after the Home Eagles crashed out of the group stages of the African Nations Champions.
This were his words:
“They had their motives and what I did was in the best interest of the country. While I was coach of the team they tried to hire Renard who turned them down citing three major reasons.
“When I sought their aid to effectively carry out my duties I was ignored and instead of the helping me getting the players to give their best and placing them in a very good conditions at an advantages to the team play, they had plans to derail the progress of the team’s chances.
“The most important objective is for the Super Eagles Of Nigeria to qualify to the next AFCON and the World Cup 2018,”
We are still awaiting responses from the NFF over what looks like an accusation. While Nigeria is facing many challenges now, this shouldn’t be happening now!!!
What do you think?

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