Nigeria and #SDGs… PART 2..No poverty

We need to carefully understand the need to stop having the mindset that somebody from anywhere is coming to uplift Nigeria from the depth we dropped it. I am not saying we don’t need help, but the first help we need is form us. Every Nigerian bust begin to see a need to change the statuesque ASAP! We simply don’t need dollar donations or charity clothings but opportunities, opinions, good policies. We need to end bad governance, poor mentality, non-concerned attitudes towards government properties and selling our votes. This has to be done fast because we ave ran out of time.

No poverty: This is the first agenda in the sustainable development goals meant to expire by 2030. And for Nigeria, it means: From Makoko in lagos to Sambisa to Rumodara in Porthacourt and every corner of the country, poverty will be reduced drastically… “what a task within 15 years”.

Its is achievable. We have policies in Nigeria that allows different tiers of government to perform various functions. Hence, all we need is to eradicate Meaningless Godfatherism and ensure that every elected individual does what he/she is expected. People in the middle-class should be giving opportunities and assistance to fulfill their ambition which will have a direct impact on the lower class (we need more people like Tony Elumelu). The youths must now be proactive than ever in their engagements with community based projects. Organise more impactful meetings, execute community based projects, impact one life at a time and before 2030: we would be far from where we use to be.

We need to understand that we’re not doing other people favour of changing lives but ours!!!



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