Nigeria and #SDGs… PART 1

Nigeria my country… Nigeria and Sustainable development goals. “How well did we (read more) do with MDGs in Nigeria”  a topic left undebated. Beacuse of many aids and funds we got with the MDGs we have been forced to have a report that we all know isn’t correct. It was said in one of the reports that Nigeria made notable progress in these goals and particularly in the fight against hunger and education, but generally missed meeting the targets of most of the indicators.

With only 12 hours in the rural region of Nigeria, you’ll know that Nigerians and her youths have failed to see the need to be patriotic about meeting these goals. I wouldn’t want to dwell much about our flaws concerning MDGs, because somethings things are left the way they are (permit me to leave it).

We are now in SDGs and I think we need to change how we handled the MDGs. Let stop being dishonest like building just 5-rooms of classrooms painted with (MDGs) for a whole primary school and keep it looked up for a year and half. Let face the fact; “Nigeria still have a long way to go”.

Wole Soyinka a man I respect and we appreciate in Nigeria once said “Ours is a failed generation”. Should this be the same story of this present youth after 50 years? I have decided not to push/target the government on SDGs, even though they have a whole lot to do. But I think our youth need to see the needfulness of raising their heads, and dusting off our shoulders and make things work. Let stop killing our morals, and being too distracted with being “the giant of Africa”.

A country that still sells water in sachet, doesn’t enjoy social amenities and facing terrorism needs help. And the help is from within…deep within…from the youth.

Try to view some of our country’s condition:



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