I will visit this land soon!!!

Kuby Uyanga's Blog


I am Akwa Ibom State. And I live in Uyo.

I reside in IK, Eket and Oro Nation. My house is everywhere in the Land of Promise. But since promise has tarried like Israelites on the Canaan journey, the Land of Fulfillment phrase was neologized. So, I am not sure which one is my official tag these days – Land of Promise, or of Fulfilment.

Promise has spent decades on the road and I hear he’s near; I can even see a cloud of dust in the distance. I believe he’ll get here soon. He will have matured into Fulfillment by the time he arrives my doorstep.

Although I’m only a hunk of 29, I have sired many sons, from my time in the womb of Cross River State to the years after my birth. Illustrious sons too. But I am unhappy with some of my children. My young guys…

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